Be it classic minimalism or intricate craft  or even the illustrious orient. Over 75 catalogues & 5000 plus designs to pick from. It ranges from geometrics, stripes, abstracts, floral, metallic, contemporary, plains, digital, acoustic, paintable, textile, recycled etc covering a wide palette of colors and finishes. The collections are imported from renowned brands of Europe & USA.

Mr Perswall
Mr Perswall

Digital wall covering. It can be customized to your wall size. A digital photo.....Read More

Eco Wallcovering
Eco from Sweden. The idea behind ECO is to be surprising and to encourage.......Read More
Architect Paper
The Architects Paper brand, which A.S. Création launched in 2008. Architects Paper......Read More
Mr Perswall
Made out of ancient quarring technique, this is natural sandstone....Read More
Replacement of tufted textiles on walls is now possible through ready to install acoustic.........Read More
This is a unique, innovative and path breaking Paintable product from......Read More

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