Decking & Cladding
Deck flooring the perfect companion to any pool side, spa, balcony or any multitude of such places. It is the unmatched choice when it comes to enhancing the look of sun kissed surfaces. Amazingly water resistant, it can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 50 degree Celsius . So go ahead,add a touch of natural class to your out doors. Different types of deck such as IPE, Cumaru, Strand woven Bamboo, Composite etc. All available in a variety of shades.
Composite Decking
Composite Decking
It’s a new generation of wood plastic composite material... Read More
Stand Wooden Bamboo
Stylam Exterior laminates are manufactured by European technique to withstand... Read More
IPE Deck
IPE Flooring
The heartwood of IPE ranges from olive brown to blackish, though it can have lighter...Read More
Strand Woven Cladding
Stand Wooden Bamboo
Bamboo is an environment–friendly, renewal resource that has been used as... Read More

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